Collaboration with PPKE - FIT

Thursday, 21 March, 2024

Our institute has a close relationship with the Faculty of Information Technology and Bionics of PPKE. Many of our researchers teach in the faculty's courses, and many ITK students were connected to our Institute's research and completed their BSc and/or MSc diploma theses.




The most important objective of Pázmány ITK is the education and research of human-centered information technology, with a broad approach that includes the basics of the life sciences, based on the latest high-tech technologies; the training of specialists who, equipped with deep and multidisciplinary theoretical and practical knowledge, will become specialists in a wide range of modern practical problems and scientific research. In addition to the transfer of engineering and IT knowledge, the role of personal relationships is also of prime importance, so we regard students as young colleagues. During the consultations surrounding the research work, in the master-student relationship, we not only pass on the accumulated expertise of generations of scientists, but also help our students to discover who they really are and experience what results they are capable of achieving.

Our trainings can be viewed at the link!

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